Sabbath School.  Weekly lessons that are specially prepared for each age level.
        Adult  Click for weekly Lesson Helps
        BeginnerKindergarten, and Junior/Youth


Family Ministries. Our church consists of a rich diversity of families, and each one is an integral part of the whole. Our goal is to preserve the family unit as a healthy influence in the church and community. A variety of activities are organized emphasizing togetherness.
        Church Family Potlucks
        Seminars and Workshops

Parish Ministry. Our church family is divided up into four Parishes.  Each Parish is like a little church, and each Parish has a lay leader.

Prayer Ministries.  Every Tuesday evening a prayer group assembles to petition our Heavenly Father.  for time see calendar.

Visitation Program. New members will appreciate a personal visit from the pastoral staff and church elders. Others wishing a personal visit may request by the use of the request cards in the literature rack at the rear of our worship hall.  You may also call the pastor or send him an email to request a visit.

Request Card.  You will find this card in the literature rack at the rear of our worship hall. It is your "link" to the elders and pastor.  It will connect you with the power of God through your prayer requests and God's answers. Put your "link" to good use! Click here for the online Link Card--e-mailed directly to the pastor.

Audio Ministries . Recordings of church services and other special programs are available.  Email your request and date of the service.

Website.  Sharing what our church family is doing together.  Photo Release  PDF  or Word Document.

Job Descriiptions.  Job descriptions are available for the officers of the church.


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